CONCEPT | Конференции "НАУМИР" и "РМЦ"


Conference "Microfinance: International Experience"

Transcending the Boundaries

Today more than ever, Russia's microfinance industry needs new ideas and resources for development. How to cope with ever-tightening regulations? Where to finds the funds for your business? Which technologies and services are likely to bring more profit? 

We invite you to transcend the boundaries of your familiar environment and look at the industry challenges from a different perspective – through the eyes of European entrepreneurs. 

The Conference "Microfinance: International Experience" (17-18 October, 2019, Czechia) will be the first NAMMS and RMC event for owners and managers of MFOs, CCCs and pawnshops, which is hosted outside of Russia.

The Conference is designed to immerse the audience in the world of European microfinance to help Russian companies assess their prospects of entering foreign markets and to learn from best European practices to enhance their business at home. 

The Conference Program features a first-hand account of the European legal framework for microfinance presented by industry regulators and representatives of self-regulatory organizations and professional associations from a number of European countries. Industry leaders will discuss how their business has changed over time, which products they offer their customers today, and what they believe to be their business growth points. CEOs of European companies represented in Russia will share their perspective on specific aspects of Russia's microfinance industry. We will also discuss some of the breakthrough technologies and solutions which microfinance can adopt right now and a few examples of innovative systems and gadgets which European fintech companies have been testing, alongside an assessment of when such additional costs might pay off.