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16 October 2019


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17 October 2019


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Exhibition of Fintech Projects




"Their regulatory culture." Panel discussion

Many new policies have been introduced in Russia’s microfinance market amidst arguments that "regulation is even tougher in Europe." But is European experience transferable to Russia? This introduction to the European regulatory context allows not only to learn first-hand about specific aspects of microfinance legislation presented by industry regulators and representatives of self-regulatory organizations and professional associations from a number of European countries but also to get a broader idea of the economic, legal and cultural context of “their” markets.

  •   Introduction to European microfinance. Types of microfinance institutions. Commercial and non-profit microfinance. Development of credit cooperation. European pawnshops: types of operations
  •   Regulation in Europe. European microfinance: a history of victories and defeats
  •   The public image of European microfinance and how it has evolved
  •   Better financial literacy and access to financial services as key drivers of microfinance growth in Europe
  •   European fintech trends



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"Our success stories." Interviews

Russian fintech companies have seamlessly integrated in the economic systems of various other countries. 

What inspired them to enter foreign markets a few years ago? Why do they still operate in Russia today? Is it at all possible to create a universal business model suitable for any region? 

Owners of international fintech companies will discuss this and much more in public interviews.

  •   Gold mines and missed shots: country-specific environments for microfinance development
  •   Key strengths of Russian fintech
  •   New countries or new market segments: what to bet on in the next five years






"Their experience." Presentations

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of European microfinance. Industry leaders will discuss how their business has changed over time, which products they offer their customers today, and what they believe to be their business growth points. As an added bonus, CEOs of European companies represented in Russia will share their own perspectives on specific aspects of Russia's microfinance industry.

  •   From a credit union to the World Bank
  •   European MFI funding sources
  •   Who works in European microfinance
  •   Debt collection practices in Europe: why being kind pays off
  •   Who – and how – protects European consumers of financial services offered by MFIs, CCCs and pawnshops 


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A warm and hearty dinner

18 October 2019


Exhibition of Fintech Projects



"Fintech." Live presentations with elements of performance

The future is closer than we think. What breakthrough technologies and solutions can microfinance adopt right now? What are some of the innovative systems and gadgets which European fintech companies have been testing and when will the costs pay off?

  •   Digital technology in European law. What is and is not allowed to MFIs, CCCs and pawnshops in Europe
  •   Fintech as part of infrastructure: currently available services
  •   What is the purpose of adopting cutting-edge technology: to impress your customers or to make things more convenient? 



"The Strategy." Round table

The almost-final session of the Conference, a round-table discussion, will help sum up the various impressions and generate new ideas for better performance. Only the most important things will be covered. Is there potential in the Russian market? How to advocate for a “regulatory vacation” for microfinance? How to change the public image of the microfinance industry in Russian society – and whether it really needs to be done.

  •   Potentially helpful strategies for Russian microfinance: a summary of European practices
  •   Regulation as a non-zero sum game: how the government and the industry can find a win-win solution
  •   Financial literacy and financial inclusion: how to develop your business in a sustainable way




"The Other Side". A secret session in an interview format


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