Dear participants of the Conference “Microfinance: International Experience,”

If you would like to apply for your Czech visa promptly and conveniently at an attractive special price you may benefit from a personal assistant service offered by the Single Visa Center.

There are two options for visa support:

1) helping you with the preparation of your visa application pack, which includes a document check, filling out questionnaires and creating an itinerary, or

2) visa application on a turnkey basis!!! You do not need to be present while your personal assistant files your paperwork with the consulate, pays the fee and collects your visa!

Special prices for you:

  •  Preparation of a visa application pack (does not include visa fees) - RUR3,800;
  •  Visa application on a turnkey basis (fees included) - RUR10,500.

To benefit from the visa application service, call: +7 (495) 109-0023 and ask for Anna Arutyunyan (ext. 1109, e-mail: msk1 @, for a detailed consultation and a special discount.

Visa document checklist:

1. Travel passport valid for at least three months after the requested visa expiry date + old passports (if any);

2. Color photographs (3.5x4.5 cm);

3. Russian ID (internal passport);

4. Bank statement;

5. Certificate of employment indicating position and salary;

6. SVC questionnaire.

If the applicant is a child (18 y.o and younger), the following documents must be provided in addition to the main package:

1. Birth certificate;

2. If the child is traveling with one of his/her parents, an original or notarized copy of the exit permit from the other parent;

3. If the child is traveling independently, an original or notarized copy of the exit permit from both parents;

4. If the child is traveling with an accompanying person who is not his/her parent, an original or notarized copy of the exit permit from both parents;

5. Russian passports of the parents;

6. Certificate from the child's educational institution.